kindle fire

Pros And Cons Of Kindle For Gamers

If you are a gaming fanatic, addicted to games such as: World of Warcraft, Angry Birds, Bejeweled, and others; you may be interested to know what systems make these games easier to play. The Kindle tablet is one of these such devices. Below, you will find what makes this the perfect gaming tool and what […]

3d pen drawings

The 3Doodler 3d Pen

Draw silly pictures with melted plastic? I’ll take 3!

green laser pen

Green Laser Pointer Pen

A green laser pen, 60 times more powerful than a red laser pen? THAT’S what we’re talkin’ about!

ben & jerry ice cream lock

Ice Cream Lock

Keep your favourite ice cream safe from the nuisance of late night fridge raiders
I Need One of These!

Tron led watch

Tron Watch

Two pulsating rings of light, a cool futuristic design & LEDs curving around your wrist…COOL!

floating globe novelty gift

Magnetic Floating Globe

The 4″ tall floating globe – A perfect gift for the geek who has everything except a floating globe!


Toothbrush Sanitizer

The solution to all your toothbrush hygiene concerns!

water ball

Water Balls

Falling about fun on the water

UK Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore gives you a paid app or game for free every day!

swan bumper boat

Bumper Boats

Bumper Cars – On Water!

funny kids t shirts

Cool Kids Stuff from Punklings

Really cool stuff for your little Punklings!
Take Me To Punklings

novelty gifts for men

Arse/Face Sponge

Trouble telling your ar*e from your elbow? We have the perfect solution!

take out drawers

Take Out

No more having to pull everything out of a drawer trying to find stuff – Just take out the whole drawer!

Mobile Phone Packages For Data Hungry Users

    Cannot get enough of your mobile Internet? Sick of getting slowed Internet speeds because you have gone over your limit? Do not want those extra charges for extra data on your monthly bill? In this article we are going to take a look at the best mobile phone packages for big data users […]

toilet light

Lav Nav

For many years, men and women have been falling out over the position of the toilet seat. Women want it down, men want it up…..

key tool

Key Tool

Not just ANY old key cover on the Really Cool Stuff

floor washer

Floor Washing Robot

No point having a robot vacuum without a matching floor washer…


Not Just Another BBQ

Be the envy of all the neighbours with this fantastic BBQing epicness!

best beginner telescopes

Explore the Night Sky at a Push of a Button

A fab idea for the budding beginner astronomer, the telescope that knows what it’s looking at even when you don’t!

Click n Cook

With the Click n Cook, digging around for the right cooking utensil is a thing of the past. Click n Cook is a modular spatula system that keeps all your essential utensils in one easy place.


The Fingerstache is perfect for a party or to take to a festival where you can bring out the moxie of the moustache in you!
Discover This

t shirt folder

T Shirt Folder

you only get one life; one life to have fun, one life to listen to music, to fall in love, to eat ice cream! Wouldn’t you rather spend more time doing that and less time folding clean laundry?
Love It!

Hacky Sack

Footbag (Hacky Sack)

Try your hand at Footbagging for endless hours of loner fun!

nose shower gel dispenser

Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

Revolting snotty fun in the shower!

light up slippers

Light Up Slippers

No more stumbling around in the middle of the night with these cool slippers to light the way!

water shooting helicopter

Viper 3 Channel Gyro Water Jet

If you enjoy flying choppers around and squirting water at people even more than that, then this is the ideal heli for you



Move over boring Segway, the Solowheel is here!

fake tv light

Fake TV Light

Even the most professional of house burglars know that TV’s don’t work on timers. Fool them with the clever light that makes it appear you are sitting in your living room watching the telly!
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Your very own sparkly constellations whenever or wherever you want (as long as you’re beside a power outlet ofc).

imusic pillow

iMusic Pillow

Plug your MP3 player into this super soft hollowfibre pillow and soothe yourself gently off to the land of nod..

ninjabread men

Ninjabread Men

Fashioned from the same stainless steel used to forge ancient swords and deadly throwing stars (probably)
Now At Firebox

meerkat garden ornaments

Meerkat Garden Wobblers

Check out this cute little family of four Meerkats nestling happily in your bushes

zombie gifts

Be Careful What You Wish For!

With, you can shoot zombies, get SWAT training, drive tanks, fly Tiger Moths, and generally be less boring.
Make A Wish

splitter bot

Splitter Bot

Share your music by attaching 2 sets of headphones with the Splitter Bot

nail art

Gorgeous Nails

It’s time to get the glitz on girls! Get the glam look with cool nail art pens, a must have for all divas.

i-eX gaming chair

Bean Bag Gaming Chair

Super delux comfort and practicality to meet all your gaming experience requirements.

aquarium table

Aquarium Table

Is it a table, is it an Aquarium….

kitty kit

Cat Potty Training Kit

Train kitty to use the toilet just like Mr Jinx!

bracelet buddy

Bracelet Buddy

Fasten your bracelets with the greatest of ease!

projector for i phone

The Movie Theater That Fits in Your Pocket

Aim it at a dark wall and view high-resolution photos, TV shows, whatever you have stored up to 100 inches wide.

love mug

Top Valentine Gifts for under $20 from ThinkGeek

Got love? They’ve got the best Valentine’s Day gifts! Forever alone? They have that covered, too.

zombie xmas card

ThinkGeek :: Zombie Christmas Cards

Zombie Christmas Cards will tickle the pus-filled, filth-oozing, maggot-infested, holiday-cheer center of your cold, undead heart. Awww.
Think Geek

pacman poncho

Arcade Poncho

Blue or red retro arcade styled poncho, Stay dry and mud free at festivals and outdoor events, Look just like a retro arcade character…sort of..

bbq branding iron

BBQ Branding Iron

Add any message to BBQ’d food and enjoy a laugh with your friends, but be careful it might get a bit heated

iphone gadget gifts

Top 5 Xmas Gifts From Menkind

Check out the predictions for this years top 5 Christmas gifts from Menkind

ThinkGeek :: Garlic Zoom XL

Insert a couple of peeled cloves in the trapdoor on top, close it up, and then drive your Zoom around the countertop. The stainless steel blades whizz around inside, slice and dicing the garlic.
Think Garlic

Portion Cooking Spoon w/ Measuring Grooves

Portion is a magical device. You see, when a measuring cup loves a spoon very much, they make a Portion!

yoda xmas tree topper

Yoda Xmas Tree Topper

12″ tall Yoda tree topper with LED light sabre.
From Ebay

baseball bat table

Simple, Yet Effective

All purpose End Table – for Ninja’s

slush maker mug

Slush Mug

Some of our favorite childhood memories involved slush, slurpees, snow balls, and other such frozen treats. The minute that frozen delight touched your tongue it was like a million angels shot happiness arrows directly into your brain. Well, it was just like that until the brain freeze kicked in..
Think Geek

suit cases

SuitSuit Cases

Never faff about looking for your case on the carousel again with these eyecatching Hard Cases from SuitSuit Cases

melting snowman

Melting Snowman

Don’t worry you can fix him again…and again…and again
Go to Red5

gifts for travellers

Bottle Opening Sandals

Perfect Fare Thee Well gift for drinking buddies off to pastures (bars & beaches) new!
They still look like flip flops though!
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Water Jet Pack

Are you getting a little bored of your ordinary jet pack and its poor 30 second flights? This new Jetlev R200 is perfect for you!

The iKettle – From

Move over Teasmade, the iKettle has arrived!
Wi-Fi Kettle from Firebox

awesome water park

Chinese Water Theme Park

Awesome pics from Iheartgeek on Tumbler



Personal Jetpacks are now a reality, not a vision of the future!

iphone 5 covers

The Moshi iGlaze for the iPhone 5

Preserve the style and look of your new brilliant iPhone 5 with a purposely designed Moshi iPhone 5 case.

vacuum robot

Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Let this little gem expertly clean your floors while you sit back relax!



It’s Subbuteo – but bigger!

bacon toothpaste

Bacon Toothpaste

Mmm Bacon! So delish you probably wish you could brush your teeth with it. You can with Bacon Toothpaste. Oink!

window cleaning robot

Automatic Window Cleaner

Hate cleaning windows?? Learn to love watching windoro do it for you instead!

Virtual Butler

Virtual Butler

This Butler won’t bring you breakfast, but he will look after your household electronic items.

playable guitar t shirt

Playable Guitar T Shirt

Throw out the air guitar, you know you just look silly! Play the Guitar Tee instead, way cooler….

bird house

Caravan Birdhouse

You won’t mind these little squatters in your garden one tiny bit!

spider catcher

Spider Catcher

No need to run for the Dyson or newspaper next time you find yourself under attack!

guitar bag

Playable Guitar Bag

Bit gutted that you can’t wear your Guitar Tee to the office? TA DAH!

slushie maker

Retro Slush Maker

Parties and gatherings will never be the same again with this retro cool slush machine. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor events, or simply when you feel like a nice cool drink!

project utopia

Project Utopia

Thinking of taking up sailing? Check out this floating paradise of a yacht!

novelty cookie cutters

Munchstache Cookie Cutters

The moushthave cookie cutters of the year! You’ll be so pleased you stubbled across them… Shave for later or
Go To Firebox

bbq kit

Mega BBQ Tool Kit

Mastering the fine art of alfresco cooking couldn’t get any easier with the aid of this fine kit, fit for a King (of the garden realm anyway)

inflatable football pitch

Inflatable Football Pitch

Not quite a premier league pitch, but as close as you can get to it in your back garden!

summer house

Summer House Pod

Remember being allowed to go camping in the garden as a kid? Well this is nothing like that!

gift ideas for coffe lovers

Quick, Easy and Delicious Coffee

Get your morning caffine fix in a flash with this handy gadget, or a great gift for coffee lovers.

gift ideas for wine lovers

The Funky Alternative to Wine Racks

Not planning on letting your wine lie around for long enough to warrant a permanent wine rack? Try the fold out counter -top storage solution from Le Creuset.

remote control boat

Top Speed Remote Control Boat

You’ll be cutting through the water and performing amazing manoeuvres in no time as your new remote control boat speeds through the water just like the real thing!
Check It Out

fishing mobile game

App Toyz AppFishing

Off the hook gaming from Red5 and App Toyz

home ice rink

Build A Backyard Ice Rink

Build an Ice Rink in your back garden – It’s cheaper than a swimming pool, heaps of fun and no one can wee in it!

snowball blaster

Snowball Blaster

Revenge is a dish served cold….Really really cold, and round

Tetris Light

If you feel the Tetris love as much as we do then you’re gonna go crazy for this awesome, build-it-in-anyway-you-want, mood light
Show Me!

funny road kill plush toy

Cutest Road Kill Ever!

Difficult teenager to buy for? So long as they have a dark, mean streak you’re sorted!


Arcade Grabber Crane vending amusement Machine Buy Illusions | eBay

Just too awesome not to share! A real, working grabbing machine…

funny halloween costumes morphsuits

Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY, Morphsuits, Funny or Geeky costumes. Angels Fancy Dress has something to suit everyone!

bgt buzzer

BGT Buzzer

Shut your annoying friends up pretty quicksmart when you’ve had enough of listening to them!

campervan tent

VW Camper Van Tent

No more wandering aimlessly around looking for your tent amongst the thousands on site with this eyecatching piece!

batman morph suit

Super Hero Morphs

Look through it, breathe through it, drink through it. NO! DON’T PEE through it!
Check ‘Em Out

geeky gifts

The Useless Box Kit

Ok, so it’s a black box, sort of shiny, with a switch on top. But what does the switch do?
Go See It

portable nightlight

Glo Nightlight with Glowing Balls

Glowing nightlight lamp with removable glow balls for trips to the bathroom etc… How really cool!

spy kit

Spy Gear Agent Tool Kit

Mission Impossible? NAH!

ted the movie toy

Talking Ted Plush

Meet Ted – the adorable, cute, cuddly, foulmouthed but totally hilarious fluffy movie character is now available in the UK.

gyro helicopter

M: Tech Gyro Flyer RC Helicopter

This Gyro Flyer Remote Control Helicopter or “Gyrocopter” comes “Ready to Fly” and has 3 channel precision control

funny baby grow

Super BabyGro

Super cool babygro’s, choose from an assortment of funny titles and designs

kids swim cap

Kids Swim Hats

Waterproof Kids Swimming Caps

funny logo mug

I’m A Twat Mug

Play a joke on your colleagues or boss – just try not let on whilst laughing, and try to remember who’s mug is who’s!!

muscle morphsuit


All-in-one body suits – so wrong yet so funny? We’re not ones to judge! They’re the perfect way to get noticed on a night out, but like a superhero still able to remain faceless.