Automatic Window Cleaner

window cleaning robotWindoro automatically clean your windows, inside AND out – at the same time!

Simply spray the pads with solution, attach to the window – from the inside (you will need windows that open), press a button and watch it go!

The robot will remain tightly attached to the window whether or not the power is on. It’s made up of of two bits that fit on either sides of the window and hold each other using strong magnets.

When released, the robot will first set off  from top to bottom and from left to right to check the size of the window. When the width of the window is less than 2 metres, he will clean the window in a single go.  When cleaning is all done, he stops in the starting place and makes a beeping sound three times, and doesn’t even complain that he’s tired!

Windoro is available from Robotcentre priced £355.oo

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