water shooting helicopter

Viper 3 Channel Gyro Water Jet

If you enjoy flying choppers around and squirting water at people even more than that, then this is the ideal heli for you

kindle fire

Pros And Cons Of Kindle For Gamers

If you are a gaming fanatic, addicted to games such as: World of Warcraft, Angry Birds, Bejeweled, and others; you may be interested to know what systems make these games easier to play. The Kindle tablet is one of these such devices. Below, you will find what makes this the perfect gaming tool and what […]

3d pen drawings

The 3Doodler 3d Pen

Draw silly pictures with melted plastic? I’ll take 3!

projector for i phone

The Movie Theater That Fits in Your Pocket

Aim it at a dark wall and view high-resolution photos, TV shows, whatever you have stored up to 100 inches wide.

UK Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore gives you a paid app or game for free every day!

water ball

Water Balls

Falling about fun on the water

remote control boat

Top Speed Remote Control Boat

You’ll be cutting through the water and performing amazing manoeuvres in no time as your new remote control boat speeds through the water just like the real thing!
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guitar bag

Playable Guitar Bag

Bit gutted that you can’t wear your Guitar Tee to the office? TA DAH!

best beginner telescopes

Explore the Night Sky at a Push of a Button

A fab idea for the budding beginner astronomer, the telescope that knows what it’s looking at even when you don’t!

Hacky Sack

Footbag (Hacky Sack)

Try your hand at Footbagging for endless hours of loner fun!



Move over boring Segway, the Solowheel is here!

home ice rink

Build A Backyard Ice Rink

Build an Ice Rink in your back garden – It’s cheaper than a swimming pool, heaps of fun and no one can wee in it!

floating globe novelty gift

Magnetic Floating Globe

The 4″ tall floating globe – A perfect gift for the geek who has everything except a floating globe!

bbq branding iron

BBQ Branding Iron

Add any message to BBQ’d food and enjoy a laugh with your friends, but be careful it might get a bit heated

iphone gadget gifts

Top 5 Xmas Gifts From Menkind

Check out the predictions for this years top 5 Christmas gifts from Menkind



It’s Subbuteo – but bigger!

playable guitar t shirt

Playable Guitar T Shirt

Throw out the air guitar, you know you just look silly! Play the Guitar Tee instead, way cooler….

fishing mobile game

App Toyz AppFishing

Off the hook gaming from Red5 and App Toyz


Water Jet Pack

Are you getting a little bored of your ordinary jet pack and its poor 30 second flights? This new Jetlev R200 is perfect for you!

inflatable football pitch

Inflatable Football Pitch

Not quite a premier league pitch, but as close as you can get to it in your back garden!

Tron led watch

Tron Watch

Two pulsating rings of light, a cool futuristic design & LEDs curving around your wrist…COOL!

i-eX gaming chair

Bean Bag Gaming Chair

Super delux comfort and practicality to meet all your gaming experience requirements.

gyro helicopter

M: Tech Gyro Flyer RC Helicopter

This Gyro Flyer Remote Control Helicopter or “Gyrocopter” comes “Ready to Fly” and has 3 channel precision control

slush maker mug

Slush Mug

Some of our favorite childhood memories involved slush, slurpees, snow balls, and other such frozen treats. The minute that frozen delight touched your tongue it was like a million angels shot happiness arrows directly into your brain. Well, it was just like that until the brain freeze kicked in..
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bgt buzzer

BGT Buzzer

Shut your annoying friends up pretty quicksmart when you’ve had enough of listening to them!

ted the movie toy

Talking Ted Plush

Meet Ted – the adorable, cute, cuddly, foulmouthed but totally hilarious fluffy movie character is now available in the UK.

muscle morphsuit


All-in-one body suits – so wrong yet so funny? We’re not ones to judge! They’re the perfect way to get noticed on a night out, but like a superhero still able to remain faceless.