novelty gifts for men

Arse/Face Sponge

Trouble telling your ar*e from your elbow? We have the perfect solution!


The Fingerstache is perfect for a party or to take to a festival where you can bring out the moxie of the moustache in you!
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bracelet buddy

Bracelet Buddy

Fasten your bracelets with the greatest of ease!

pacman poncho

Arcade Poncho

Blue or red retro arcade styled poncho, Stay dry and mud free at festivals and outdoor events, Look just like a retro arcade character…sort of..

bacon toothpaste

Bacon Toothpaste

Mmm Bacon! So delish you probably wish you could brush your teeth with it. You can with Bacon Toothpaste. Oink!

spider catcher

Spider Catcher

No need to run for the Dyson or newspaper next time you find yourself under attack!

spy kit

Spy Gear Agent Tool Kit

Mission Impossible? NAH!

funny logo mug

I’m A Twat Mug

Play a joke on your colleagues or boss – just try not let on whilst laughing, and try to remember who’s mug is who’s!!