nose shower gel dispenser

Nose Shower Gel Dispenser

Revolting snotty fun in the shower!

novelty gifts for men

Arse/Face Sponge

Trouble telling your ar*e from your elbow? We have the perfect solution!

light up slippers

Light Up Slippers

No more stumbling around in the middle of the night with these cool slippers to light the way!

zombie gifts

Be Careful What You Wish For!

With, you can shoot zombies, get SWAT training, drive tanks, fly Tiger Moths, and generally be less boring.
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nail art

Gorgeous Nails

It’s time to get the glitz on girls! Get the glam look with cool nail art pens, a must have for all divas.

bracelet buddy

Bracelet Buddy

Fasten your bracelets with the greatest of ease!

bacon toothpaste

Bacon Toothpaste

Mmm Bacon! So delish you probably wish you could brush your teeth with it. You can with Bacon Toothpaste. Oink!

gifts for travellers

Bottle Opening Sandals

Perfect Fare Thee Well gift for drinking buddies off to pastures (bars & beaches) new!
They still look like flip flops though!
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bbq kit

Mega BBQ Tool Kit

Mastering the fine art of alfresco cooking couldn’t get any easier with the aid of this fine kit, fit for a King (of the garden realm anyway)

funny baby grow

Super BabyGro

Super cool babygro’s, choose from an assortment of funny titles and designs