Fake TV Light

fake tv lightThe FakeTV light gives the impression of  someone at home, and that makes your home an unappealing target for a break in.

It’s a small electric device that emits the exact same light that a real tv makes.  From outside after dark, it looks like someone must be home with the television on.

The FakeTV light mimics the effects of scene changes, color shifts, and on-screen motion. Clever, huh?

It is quick & easy to set up, simply place it near a window and its internal light sensor will automatically trigger the super bright multi-colour LED lights at dusk, simulating a working television set. The FakeTV is eco-friendly using less power than a night-light and is safer than leaving a television set running when no-one is at home.

The Fake TV light costs around £24 from Amazon

A timer can be bought separately if you are going to be away for some time.

Fake TV burglar deterrent

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