Footbag (Hacky Sack)

Hacky SackThe official game of Footbag, or Hacky Sack has been around since the 70’s, originated in the US by a couple of guys trying to find a fun way of rehabilitation from sports injuries. Footbag is now sweeping Germany, and making a good go of it in Ireland and the UK.

Footbag can be played alone, or in teams of two or more, learning a few tricks is guaranteed to attract the attention of members of the opposite sex (not really, you’re just going to look silly asking for a refund because you didn’t pull!)

Hacky’s come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours – with prices for the basic, fun models starting at around £4 – professional Footbags will cost considerably more.

Footbag has been described as soccer for stoners, the aim of the game simply to keep the Hacky in the air as long as possible without using your hands. After a little practice the basic moves will seem easy as: However, the more technical and flashy looking moves require patience, but are guaranteed (again, not really and you will also look very silly asking for a refund because you are a rubbish Footbagger) to give you a real buzz when you get them right.

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