Meerkat Garden Wobblers

Westwoods Meerkat Family Wobblers (Set of 4)

meerkat garden ornamentsHow totally cute (if more than a little freaky) are these little garden ornaments?

This family of four cheeky little meerkat wobblers will add a touch of fun to any garden.

Each of the four family members are made of weatherproof, hand-painted polyresin and are perfect hiding in borders, shrubs and bushes where they will nestle happily and peek out.

Sitting on individual metal springs and stakes, the meerkats stand at 24ins high. Just stake them into the ground, poking their heads out of bushes, shrubs, flowerbeds etc. and watch them sway  around gently in the slightest of breeze.

Available from Amazon – price starts at £7.48

meerkat garden wobbles

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