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Cannot get enough of your mobile Internet? Sick of getting slowed Internet speeds because you have gone over your limit? Do not want those extra charges for extra data on your monthly bill? In this article we are going to take a look at the best mobile phone packages for big data users with the top mobile operators in the UK. Cannot wait to get online? Then check these out.

Big Data Mobile Phone Packages plus Phones

The best offers from mobile operators are what are known as incentive contracts. These include your regular service contract (you know, those monthly limits for calling minutes, texts and mobile data) as well as a great new mobile phone.

You may or may not need to pay a down payment for the phone you get, but the good news for those of us looking for mobile phone packages with big data limits is that big data plans are way more likely to come with zero down payment phones. Since you will be paying more for a big data plan, this makes sense.

Choose an operator that offers great coverage in your area, but other than that, you could just go for the cheapest deal. If you are interested in finding out more about your UK operator options, then check out this link here.

The Best Big Data from Three

Three is one of the best operators for big data users, since in general they tend to have both the cheapest data prices and the largest range of unlimited data mobile packages. Depending on what kind of phone you want with your package, you might want to check out one of these truly unlimited data deals.

If you are looking for cheap, then for just £15 a month you can get unlimited data plus a hundred calling minutes and five thousand texts and a brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini for a £200 down payment. You can get the exact same deal on a Samsung Galaxy S III with a £150 down payment, if you prefer. Alternatively, an LG Optimus L3 will cost you zero down payment with the exact same contract.

For higher end customers with a bit more to spend, a £32 a month contract will get you a Samsung Galaxy S4 for free, as well as unlimited data, two thousand minutes and five thousand texts. If you want the new iPhone 5S you will have to pay a small £100 down payment, but you can get unlimited data and five hundred minutes plus five thousand texts for £37 a month with Three.

The Best Big Data from O2

O2 no longer provide unlimited data plans, but they do have massive 8 GB data limits which should be more than enough, even for heavy data users, though you can add on an extra 1 GB at a time if you want to. Want to know what you can get? Then read on.

What about an iPhone 5S? No down payment, unlimited calling and texting plus that 8 GB data limit for just £47 a month, which is a pretty sweet deal. You can get exactly the same deal on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as well, which is well worth considering. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has the same deal with the exception of a £200 down payment, which is not bad either. For high end phones, O2 tends to be a great bet, though there are not many big budget data contracts available.

The Best Big Data from T-Mobile

T-Mobile does offer unlimited data and they have absolutely tons of packages available for you on some of the bestselling mobile handsets on the market. Our favourite cheap deal has to be on the iPhone 5C. You pay only £17 a month plus a £290 down payment on a contract which includes the phone, unlimited texts and data, and two hundred and fifty calling minutes. This is a deal well worth checking out. For the budget shopper, you can get the same deal on the awesome Nokia Lumia 520 but will only have to pay a £20 down payment, which is as cheap as it comes.

If you do not fancy a down payment, then your cheapest option is again the Nokia Lumia 520 with unlimited data and texts and two hundred and fifty calling minutes, but this time it will cost you £22 a month. The best no down payment deal though is on the new LG Nexus 5, it comes with unlimited texts and data and five hundred calling minutes and will cost you just £22 a month.

The Best Big Data from Vodafone

Vodafone again do not offer unlimited data contracts, but their largest plans have a huge 12 GB monthly limit which even a complete Internet addict is going to find difficult to exceed. Looking for great deals with Vodafone? Below are listed a few that might interest you.

Whilst many operators only offer the 16 GB iPhone 5S for zero down payment, with Vodafone you can get the bigger 32 GB version, this contract has unlimited minutes and texts plus the 12 GB data limit and costs £52 a month. If you want something a bit cheaper, then the best no down payment deal with the 12 GB data limit is on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, again it has unlimited texts and minutes and it will cost you £44 a month.

If you can afford some kind of down payment, then Vodafone also has the largest 64 GB version of the iPhone 5S available, you will get unlimited calling and texting plus 12 GB of data, but you will need to pay a £130 down payment and then £52 a month. This is the best 64 GB iPhone deal on the market though, and certainly the most affordable option. You should also check out the new Nokia Lumia 1520, on the same calling plan contract with a £90 down payment and a £40 monthly fee.

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