Ninjabread Men

ninjabread menEverybody was Kung Fu Biting!

 Ninjabread Men have just hi-yaa’d their way into the Firebox HQ and they’re set to cause a right rumpus in the kitchen.

ninjabread men

Ninjabread Men make the perfect gift for jobbing assassins bored of boring biscuit shapes. Just chop chop the cookie cutter into your gingerbread mix with a silent stealth ninja style flourish. You could even make them in the dark wearing your mum’s black tights and a balaclava. If you’re totally bonkers.

Each box comes with 3 different styles of Ninja warrior. Ah grasshopper you are ready to bake

ninjabread men

Ninjabread Cookie Cutters £7.99 at FireBox

ninja cookie cuttersninja men cookiesninja biscuits


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