planetariumIt’s actually verging on totally uncool how much I love this little wajamawotsit thingy!

I’m going to get this for my son’s birthday, and I might even let him have a go when I get bored of it, nah I’m not that cruel – I’ll let him have it for 10 minutes before bed; providing he’s tucked in by 7pm!

Oh I do love all things sparkly, and what’s more sparkly than the night sky (diamonds obviously, but moving swiftly on…), especially if you can up the sky in your own living room?? Yes! I am that sad that I would actually put it in the living room.

OMG you can even set it to project shooting stars at random intervals, awesome!

The techy bit: It’s really called The Star Theatre Planetarium, not a whojamawotsit…

Ultra-bright white LED technology enables this über-advanced projector to beam 10,000 stars skywards. It even includes special discs to display both stars and delineated constellations (whatever they are), and mimics celestial movement in both northern and southern hemispheres. Simply place the little discs in the Star Theatre’s front-loading tray and prepare to be gobsmacked.

This marvel of modern technology is available from Firebox and comes complete with free delivery, so a bargain at £120.00, give or take a penny.


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