Pros And Cons Of Kindle For Gamers

If you are a gaming fanatic, addicted to games such as: World of Warcraft, Angry Birds, Bejeweled, and others; you may be interested to know what systems make these games easier to play. The Kindle tablet is one of these such devices. Below, you will find what makes this the perfect gaming tool and what it lacks, as well. Because the Kindle Fire is a newer and much more sophisticated model than its original counterpart, this will be an examination into the benefits and conflicts of gaming on the Kindle Fire.

Kindle Gaming Pros

-PROCESSOR SPEED: The brand new Kindle Fire has a processor speed 3 times faster than the original Kindle tablet. This speed makes it perfect for gaming, preventing freezing and slow game play and downloads. Nothing disinterests a player to a game more than a game that takes hours to download. It can be frustrating, to say in the least. With the new 2.2GHz quad-core processor, players can have their games readily available in a short period of time.

-7″ HDX DISPLAY: Gone are the days that you have to squint in order to see a clearer view of your game. The 7″ HD display on the Kindle Fire makes it wonderful for all gaming needs. The perfect color accuracy along with its high pixel density allow for vivid and lifelike images to display on the screen.

-GUIDE at Fingertip: For any gamer, this is one of the greatest features about the Kindle. If you are in the middle of a computer or video game and get stuck or have any issues, you can pull up the manual for the game and it will easily assist you on what to do. Simply pause your game, pull up the game guide in kindle, and you will be able to assess the problem and find a solution.

-WIFI COMPATIBILITY: The Kindle Fire allows access to WIFI from any location that provides it. This is great for gaming on-the-go. If you are on a plane and want to pull up your favorites, you can connect to the WIFI and enjoy them right away. Whether you are at the library, a book store, a restaurant, or even thousands of feet in the air; with the Kindle tablet and a WIFI provider, you have accessibility to all of your gaming needs.

Kindle Gaming Cons

-TABLET SENSITIVITY: This may simply be a glitch with certain devices, not all consumers have the sensitivity of the tablet. Many games on the tablet require tilting in order to move the avatar. Some customers have had difficulty with tilting the tablet and the game avatar not moving in the direction wanted.

-NO MOUSE/KEYBOARD: The lack of these items are simply a con for a few consumers. It is an understanding when purchasing a tablet, instead of a laptop, that these do not come as a part of the product.

Finding any legitimate cons with the Kindle tablet is simply rare. The product is incredible for multiple purposes. The lightweight of the Kindle allows game players to easily tote it around and be able to pull it out at anytime to enjoy their games. These are far more easier to carry than a laptop. The Kindle Fire, although designed for reading, is perfect for gamers to enjoy anywhere. If you tire of game playing, you can easily open up a book or movie to enjoy. This product provides an immense entertainment experience for children and adults a like. With the Adreno 330 graphics processor, you will be astounded with the quality of the high frame rates while enjoying all of your games.


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