Quick, Easy and Delicious Coffee

If you love freshly brewed coffee but want to avoid the hassle of a stovetop coffee maker or a cafetiere then this fantastic coffee-making gadget could be perfect for you. The AeroPress makes a delicious cup of brewed coffee and it is super quick and simple.

gift ideas for coffe loversAvailable from York Coffee Emporium  the AeroPress is used to force boiling water through the ground coffee; the coffee maker is comprised of a plastic tube with a filter and the grinds at the bottom and a plunger to push the water through the coffee.

And it’s easy to clean too… the used grinds pop out of the end of the filter and the tube needs to be wiped – much easier than the traditional coffee making equipment for the home.

The AeroPress will make a great Christmas gift for any coffee lover and can be used in the kitchen, the office or even in the great outdoors! It makes great tasting coffee that can be enjoyed as it is or with milk – it will really revolutionise how you make coffee!!

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