Vacuum Cleaning Robot

vacuum robotWhat do you get?

– The Roomba 780

– Spare brushes

– Replacement HEPA filters

– 2 virtual wall / lighthouses to help it navigate your house

– Remote control

Schedule this little gem to clean everyday while we you are out at work, or otherwise engaged on the sofa, and come back to clean floors!

On the downside – it won’t pick up the kid’s toys or make you a cup of tea while you watch it work.

Once you’ve overseen Roomba go about it’s business and moved any neccessary obsticles about your home, you can just leave it to carry on automatically as and when you schedule. All you will need to do is empty the dust bin every 2-3 days – thats about as far as maintenance goes.

Although Roomba won’t pick up the toys, or clean the stairs – it deals with corners, table legs, etc with ease. You will just need to have one for upstairs and another for down if you happen not to live in a flat!

By irobot – Available from Amazon – Price £549.99





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