Viper 3 Channel Gyro Water Jet

Introducing the Viper 3 Channel Gyro Water Jet from Red5

water shooting helicopter

The Viper Water Jet uses 3 channel control to let you manoeuvre your heli left, right, up, down, forward and back. The built-in gyro system holds you stable whilst in flight and the hovering ability and 360o rotating, along with accurate positioning, helps get your aim ready before your splash your opponents. Use the pipette and funnel to fill up your built-in water canister with up to 10ml of water, which can then be fired up to 6 feet away! The bright lights dotted along the body let you be seen when flying in low light areas and the 3.7 lithium polymer battery gives you a flight time of up to 6 minutes.

So if you enjoy flying choppers around and squirting water at people even more than that, then this is the ideal heli for you

Water firing R/C Helicopter? Now that’s what we’re talkin’ about!

Available from RED5 – £29.95


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